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Andrew Dorsey 2001

Andrew Dorsey Laurel Oak

Andrew studied business at Rutgers University where he was 3 years all conference and 2 years regional All American in soccer. Along with his fancy footwork, Andrew bring boundless energy to Laurel Oak. The master of the displays, Andrew is responsible for the setup of the store and the nursery. Andrew juggles a lot of different duties throughout his day at the garden center and he juggles them well.

Andrew resides in Medford, NJ and swears his son will be an even better soccer player than he is!

Andrew decided to forgo a career as a professional soccer player to aid in the management of Laurel Oak garden center. He has a bright youthful mind and outlook of the way our garden center operates. Having a broad knowledge of plant material as well as being an armchair landscape designer he is very influential over our customer base.