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Jon Schirmer 1997

Jon Schirmer Laurel Oak

The "Schirminator", or more appropriately "Pond Guy" at Laurel Oak. Just like many new hires Jon worked his way thru this and that and has found his niche, ponds... I may have mentioned that. And a heck of a pond builder he is. He will take a vision and see it in the landscape, then will the assistance of his crew construct a beautiful living ecosystem to be enjoyed all year long. John is continually increasing his education of how an ecosystem performs and more importantly how it can be constructed and then maintained by the homeowner when complete.

Along with ponds, Jon is seasoned in the many other aspects of landscaping. Being one to feel the need to constantly learn he is one of our best landscape and hardscape installers. He and Jim are always training to help further the opportunities available to the workforce at Laurel Oak.

Jon lives in Hammonton, NJ withe his wife and daughter. He has many plans for his property having only been in his new home for a short period. We can not wait to see what comes of it!