Our Staff

Our Staff

Dave Scott

Dave Scott Laurel Oak

Dave is a graduate of the Landscape Architecture program of Rutgers University/Cook College.  Dave has worked in many different areas within the industry and has compiled a wealth of knowledge.  "Treat people the way you want to be treated yourself" is the simple philosophy that Dave and his partners have used since they started the business in 1986.  Dave loves plants and even more than that loves doing designs and helping homeowners create beautiful landscapes.

Giving back and being active in the community is important to Dave and he serves on the boards of several community, civic and business associations.


Guy Scott

Guy Scott Laurel Oak

Guy is also a graduate of Rutgers University/Cook College. If it can be done in the landscape then it's probably already been done by Guy. Unlike others, Guy is not only a jack of all trades but he is a master of many of them!

An expert pond builder, Guy has a natural talent for landscape design and is a stickler for details. Guy is not only active in the community but also within industry associations.






Jon Schirmer 1997

Jon Schirmer Laurel Oak

The "Schirminator", or more appropriately "Pond Guy" at Laurel Oak. Just like many new hires Jon worked his way thru this and that and has found his niche, ponds... I may have mentioned that. And a heck of a pond builder he is. He will take a vision and see it in the landscape, then will the assistance of his crew construct a beautiful living ecosystem to be enjoyed all year long. John is continually increasing his education of how an ecosystem performs and more importantly how it can be constructed and then maintained by the homeowner when complete.

Along with ponds, Jon is seasoned in the many other aspects of landscaping. Being one to feel the need to constantly learn he is one of our best landscape and hardscape installers. He and Jim are always training to help further the opportunities available to the workforce at Laurel Oak.

Jon lives in Hammonton, NJ withe his wife and daughter. He has many plans for his property having only been in his new home for a short period. We can not wait to see what comes of it!



Andrew Dorsey 2001

Andrew Dorsey Laurel Oak

Andrew studied business at Rutgers University where he was 3 years all conference and 2 years regional All American in soccer. Along with his fancy footwork, Andrew bring boundless energy to Laurel Oak. The master of the displays, Andrew is responsible for the setup of the store and the nursery. Andrew juggles a lot of different duties throughout his day at the garden center and he juggles them well.

Andrew resides in Medford, NJ and swears his son will be an even better soccer player than he is!

Andrew decided to forgo a career as a professional soccer player to aid in the management of Laurel Oak garden center. He has a bright youthful mind and outlook of the way our garden center operates. Having a broad knowledge of plant material as well as being an armchair landscape designer he is very influential over our customer base.




Lisa Patchus 1993

Lisa Patches Laurel Oak

Lisa has been our office manager since she joined Laurel Oak. Actually she was hired for part time clerical work and quickly began running the office taking charge of everything. Needless to say by the end of that first day she was our full time office manager and has been ever since. She is the backbone of the whole operation, everything that comes through this office must go past her.







Rick Liptak 1992

Rick Liptak Laurel Oak

“The Ricker” is a chiseled distinguished fellow and has been our go-to guy for many years.  He is licensed in NJ as an irrigation installer and has been our on staff mechanic for as long as we can remember. Aside from being our installer Rick mainly heads our Irrigation Repair division as there is a constant need for service.  He proves his worth year after year being able to take control of any situation when we require his expertise.  He is never afraid to get his hands dirty.






Juan Laurel Oak

Juan, Juan, Juan. This 'firecracker' is what all employer looks for in a new hire and a staple employee. Juan is an outstanding employee,there really is not much else to say about him in regards to his demeanor. He has been such an asset to the Garden Center over the years words don't do justice. He is our delivery man, he is the person that assists in early spring setting up the garden center, he will help with plant information and he'll even load your vehicle. He has never gone "Ricky Ricardo" on anyone and always does more than expected. Truly a great person to work along side.

Juan does spend his off season at his home in Mexico with his wife and family.