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Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn Care

  1. A good raking with a bow rake is acceptable for de-thatching to remove any dead or decaying debris from the winter months.
  2. Fill ground depressions with Bumper Crop (organic soil builder) or with topsoil. Spread new soil if your soil base is poor. Keep in mind that seed must come in contact with soil to germinate.
  3. If your ground has not been limed within the past six months, apply 50 lbs. Per 1000 square feet of lime now. You can lime, seed, and fertilize at the same time. The more acid the soil, the greater the need for lime in order to support good plant growth. We recommend fast acting lime such as Encap or Mag-i-Cal
  4. Applying Jonathan Green New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer now is good for new seeding.
  5. SEED – Ask and we will be glad to help you select the right grass seed and amount for your lawn. Jonathan Green has a variety of grass seeds available to suit your lawn's needs.
  6. After seeding apply a thin layer of Bumper Crop or topsoil to the seeded areas. This holds the seed in place, retains moisture and enhances your soil, and hides seed from birds. It also helps prevent dead thatch or weed seed germination if you use straw as a top dressing.
  7. Water thoroughly and continue for the next 30 days or as weather dictates.

Remember: you can't over-seed...

...for 16 weeks if you have applied Crabgrass Preventer OR
...for 4 weeks if you have applied Weed and Feed.

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